Buying a Townhouse in Oakville and Mississauga - Find what you are interested...Find what you are interested…


Buying a Townhouse in Oakville and Mississauga

Buying a Townhouse in Oakville and Mississauga


The Oakville and Mississauga real estate markets have seen a significant amount of townhouse development over the last few years. As the GTA’s population continues to increase, developers have transformed the once-empty land into luxurious townhouses that are surprisingly spacious. Though a townhouse may not be the traditional choice for a prospective homeowner, Elite3 and Team believe there are several reasons why it might be the perfect choice for you.

Balancing Affordability and Privacy

As Smart Asset reports, a townhouse is the perfect mix of detached home and condo. You can experience the privacy a detached home offers, as well as the affordability a smaller condo offers. Townhouses typically have unique front and back entrances, multiple stories, and yard space – the benefits of a detached home, just at a lower price.



Many townhouse complexes come with amenities that all residents can share, such as pools, laundry rooms, gyms, tennis courts, recreation rooms, etc. Although all townhouse communities may not offer these amenities, you may be able to pool your money with other residents in order to get certain amenities added (Hall-Geisler).



Sharing amenities and other facilities can also prove to be effective in creating a sense of community and togetherness within your neighborhood. If you’re looking to establish yourself within the community, a townhouse may be the perfect opportunity to do so.




Another great reason to buy a townhouse in Oakville or Mississauga is location. While many detached homes are nearby city centers and shopping plazas, townhouse complexes in Oakville and Mississauga are located in some of the most convenient locations. They are often within walking distance to local amenities, bus stops, schools, and community centers.




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Written on February 21st, 2018

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