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The Benefits of Leash-Free Zones

Communities all over the GTA are benefiting from leash-free parks – fenced areas where dogs can run free. They are great for a dog’s physical and social wellbeing Man’s best friend is able to run free without the danger of cars, bikes, lawn mowers, and other potentially risky things, plus these parks give dogs a chance to socialize. Being confined to the backyard can get lonely and boring, so pups can benefit greatly from the chance to run wild with their neighborhood friends.

But these parks aren’t beneficial to just the canine residents of the GTA; leash-free parks have become increasingly more popular because of their positive impact on dog-owners. Leash-free parks give owners a chance to socialize freely with each other, without being interrupted by the leash tugging and whining that often happens on the street.

Burlington, Oakville, and Mississauga boast a variety of beautiful off-leash zones. Being ‘dog-friendly’ is a significant draw for new homeowners, especially to those looking for a way to participate in the community. Young families can quickly feel at home in this inclusive, positive, and social setting. It can be a significant part of getting involved in the community, which is often an important desire for many homeowners.

Visit your town’s website to learn more about leash-free zones, zone etiquette, and more benefits.

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Written on November 8th, 2017

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