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Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

Summer vacation is right around the corner! In order to truly relax while away, safeguard your home using the following tricks to keep your home safe.


Light Timers

Having lights on is a good indicator that someone is home. Set up timers so your lights go on and off at certain times during the day. You won’t waste much power if they’re only on for a few hours, and it will communicate to onlookers that someone is home. To safeguard yourself even further, set your lights up with a phone app that allows you to switch your lights on/off at the click of a button – even from thousands of miles away. This way, anyone monitoring your home won’t be able to track a patterned timer, and they’ll be less likely to try to break in.


Nothing says ‘nobody’s home’ more than a pile of a mail at your front door. You can ask the post office to hold your mail while you’re on vacation, or have a neighbour pick it up.


Outdoor Maintenance

While away, make sure a neighbour, friend, or hired service looks after the outdoors. In the summer, have the lawn mowed so it doesn’t look too neglected. In the fall, make sure someone rakes the leaves. And during the winter months, have the driveway and walkways shoveled. Taking care of these things will not only help you keep your property maintained, but it will also indicate to strangers that the house is occupied and not sitting empty.

Keep Off Social Media

It can be tempting to post every part of your amazing trip so your friends can see it online. But you may just be telling potential robbers exactly when your house will be empty. Try to keep posts to a minimum, keep your profile private, and refrain from telling your followers when exactly you’ll be away.

Keep Quiet

The above rule is also true for when speaking with people in public or even at work. You never know who’s listening. Make sure you don’t reveal too many details when talking about your travels in public; the less information out there, the better.


If you’re planning on parking at the airport while away, don’t leave your GPS in the car. It likely has a ‘home’ setting that will direct thieves directly to your house – which is likely empty, because your car is at the airport! Even though your car should be fine if it’s locked up, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Leave your GPS at home, or better yet – take it with you to use on your travels.

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Written on June 8th, 2018

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