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Managing Garbage During the Summer Months

The GTA was hit with temperatures in the high thirties this week and more humid weather is on its way. With the heat comes the threat of raccoons and other pests who love to get into your garbage. Follow these tips to keep your summer pest-free and worry-free.



Firstly, ensure your outdoor garbage cans and bins have lids that fit and close properly. Invest in bins that have locking handles or tight-seal lids to keep odours in. Also, inspect your bins regularly to ensure there are no cracks or leaks. Garbage bins can be easily damaged while sitting at the end of your driveway, especially on a windy day, so make sure they’re in good condition. If you do notice cracks, either tape up the cracks to ensure they’re sealed, or buy a new one – garbage bins are usually only $20-30.


If you’re looking to spend a bit more money on garbage cans and bins, metal ones may be the right choice. Though pricier than plastic ones, metal garbage cans are much less likely to crack or get damaged, and animals will have a much harder time chewing through the exterior. Metal is also much more effective for keeping smells inside because it doesn’t absorb odours as much as plastic does.




Keeping animals out of your garbage bins can also be prevented by disposing of your garbage properly inside the house. Rinse all food containers before putting them in the garbage or recycling. Another good tip is to put food waste – especially meat and fish waste – in plastic bags and freeze it until garbage day. The morning of garbage day, take the waste out of the freezer and right into the garbage bins. This will keep odours to a minimum and will prevent food waste from getting hot during the week leading up to garbage day.



Lastly, be sure to sort your waste properly. Use your green, garbage, and recycling bins the way they are intended. This is crucial for the health of our environment and it’s everyone’s responsibility as social citizens.


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Written on June 19th, 2018

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