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New Fire Station and Community Centre in Oakville

After months of dedicated development and construction, Oakville’s newest first station and community centre are now open.  The official opening date was September 22, 2018, when Oakville residents were invited to tour the facilities. Both facilities are located at 133 Rebecca Street, off of Kerr Street in Oakville. The Trafalgar Park Community Centre is located at 133 Rebecca Street and Is 65,000 square feet. The Fire Station is now located at 168 Kerr Street.

This location was once home to the Oakville Arena. In 2016, plans were submitted to redevelop the arena and its neighbouring park to make way for the state-of-the-art community centre and fire station. Instead of tearing down the arena and starting from scratch, the distinctive wooden roof truss system of the original building was retained. This original structure was designed and patented by Norman Otto Hipel in 1928.

The centre is a brand new facility that offers a variety of amazing amenities. An NHL-size ice surface, indoor running track, a senior’s centre, and double tennis courts are just a few things the Centre has to offer. It also boasts administrative offices and a new Kinsmen Pine Room, perfect for public meetings and events.

The state-of-the-art fire station replaces the station on Randall Street, which was originally opened in 1967 and is now closed. Fire Station 3 is a new facility, boasting “four drive-thru bays housing a fire pump, a 100’ platform truck, an incident command vehicle’ and a number of other features ( Most importantly, Oakville residents enjoy an education centre, which has a number of historical pieces on display to teach residents about the history of the Oakville Fire Department.


These two additions to the Oakville community will better service the growing population, giving residents opportunities to learn, connect, grow, and contribute.


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Written on October 16th, 2018

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