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Spring Safety and Melting Ice

It is that time of year where we are transitioning from winter to spring! A time that many start to spend much more time outdoors… especially with Covid. As parents it is important to remind your children and neighbours to stay off and away from all bodies of water, as even if they seem to be frozen, the changing weather can create dangerous conditions. Oakville’s Fire Chief created an informative video regarding winter safety, to ensure no residents put themselves in danger.

Increased sunlight and temperatures cause the rays to travel through clear ice warming the water below. This causes the ice to melt from the bottom up. Storm management ponds are also specifically dangerous at this time of year, as the inflows of water cause the ice to weaken and break. They are extremely unpredictable and conditions change rapidly, making them unsuitable for skating, tobogganing, or any other type of activity.

With Covid restrictions easing in Halton, there are many other outdoor activities to enjoy at this time of year that are safe.

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Written on March 4th, 2021

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